Care Packages we provide

We use our own clinical care model at VHC

Vital Healthcare provides individualised packages of care. We endeavour to help people to access mainstream services and acquire skills to enrich their lives and seek a good quality of life, healthy lifestyles, access to leisure activities and high standard of care and support. Based on the extent of individually assessed needs, the staff will provide a range of care services which will include general supervision, support with personal care, supervision with daily activities and daily living, nursing care and much more. We bring an unrivalled approach to encourage and empower people to maintain a dignified and independent quality of life in their own homes. Our staff are led by an expert team of Nurses, Psychiatrists and psychotherapists by whom the company was founded. We work with our own clinical care model which guarantees that the care is clinically effective, socially empowering and financially cost effective. The model is called the CRTL model. Below are some of the care packages that we provide.

Learning Disabilities

3 days ago by VHC

We specialise in supported living and domiciliary care for people with learning disabilities. Our focus is to help those who have been in hospital settings or institutions for long periods of time and who are hardest to place. Our aim is to ensure that the revolving door situation of readmissions and broken down placements is extinguished. Our aim is to ensure a long term pathway to independence and reduced support.

Mental Health

3 days ago by VHC

Vital Healthcare was founded by mental health practitioners with over 60 years of combined experience. Our CRTL model is a clinical care model that bridges the gap between the mental health care services and social living. Our care has embedded clinical input from our own mental health practitioners and we ensure that every aspect of someone's mental health needs are met.

Acquired Brain Injury

3 days ago by VHC

We ensure that all our care is person-centred and catered to providing specialist support for individuals with an Acquired Brain Injury. Acquired brain injuries are complex and no two cases are ever the same. With our support we aim to cover all bases and ensure that the complexities are just formalities.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Another of our specialties at VHC

Vital Healthcare also specialises in providing support for people on the ASD spectrum. Our person centered approach ensures that those on the ASD spectrum have the appropriate support structure in place. Support from families, mental health practitioners and staff trained in our CRTL model ensures that everyone at every level is included in the formation and continuation of the care.

Domiciliary Care

3 days ago by VHC

Using the principles stated above, our Domiciliary Care services makes you feel assured that you have the right support in place. Person centered, structured and with support from social services, the NHS and VHC staff, all care packages, not just domiciliary are catered to the pathway of independence and long term well-being.